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President Nana Akuffo Addo has eased restrictions on school activities for final year Junior High School (JHS) pupils across the country to return to schools ahead of their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).
The president made this known in his last address to the nation on the update and measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

Following this, citynewsonlinegh’s reporter Christopher Atitso visited some schools in Accra to monitor how schools were preparing to protect the lives of their staff and pupils.

In an interview with the headmaster of the Labone Seventh Day Adventist Church School, Mr. Joram Obeng Appiah, he indicated that the school authority had put in place the necessary measures to ensure the safety of their staff and pupils. He added they were happy at the president’s decision to reopen schools for the final year pupils to prepare for their BECE exams which beings on 14th to 18th September 2020.

“We started working as far back as 8th June, when management and board met to take steps towards adhering to all the safety protocols to safeguard students and staff lives in the Covid-19 period. We had planned to fumigate the school at a tune of GH₵ 4,100 to carry the exercise, until government intervened to fumigate various schools for free.” He stated.
Mr. Appiah said the school is preparing 70 candidates for the exams; hence the school has employed the service of health personnel to provide education and health care services to the students and staff.

“We understand that the student are in their early adolescents stage and are very active in their prime age, hence, the school has employed the service of a health nurses to advices and educate the students on the dos and don’ts of the Covid-19 to stay safe and protect themselves to ensure social distancing. Also, the students have been denied any form of recreational activities to ensure social distancing” he explained.
We have our security men on guard who police the students to adhere to the protocols. “We have our maintenance staffs that ensure that various washroom and other facilities are in good condition for students’ use.” he added
Our reporter also observed how the pupils were observing the social distancing protocol while learning. It appeared that the school management was keen on enforcing the directives in the school as the measures were being observed by both Staff and Pupils.

Citynewsonlinegh observed that pupils wore their nose masks, and were socially distanced at least one meter apart from each other.
In an interview with some of the pupils to find out how they received the president’s announcement on the reopening of schools, a final year student Shulamite Agamah, said in the wake of Covid-19 period, she was scared and is worried as the cases kept on increasing rapidly.

“Well, personally I encouraged myself that since 11 weeks won’t be forever, I promise to adhere to all the safety precautions to stay save”. She indicated.
Another final year student, Felix Kunjan, also said he felt the president was directly talking to him as he was watching.

“The news came to me as a surprise, and while in school, wearing nose masks and socially distancing from each other only feels new, however, all others feel the same”
Felix Kunjan encouraged his colleagues to also adhere to all the safety protocols and reinforced that the virus was real.

“Yes, the coronavirus is very dangious, hence students must protect themselves.”


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